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Attila Balázs


Róbert Francia

General manager

András Tordy

Director of sales

  • It is our mission to provide high quality services that contribute to the efficacy of our business partners.
  • We aim at collaborating with the most secure suppliers possible, therefore our partners can purchase the products of the most reliable companies.
  • We ship everyday within and outside Europe. Orders are managed quickly and flexibly by our logistics team.
  • Registered partners can use the webshop that provides the seamless and efficient buying process and best customer experience.
  • International relations, multi-language customer service: we quickly make ourselves understood with partners wishing to use their native tongue. Our staff members speak English, German, Romanian, Serbian and Croatian.
  • Quality assurance: our products have been quality checked in the warehouse, assuring their quality and origin. We are determined to sell quality products only.




The list of products is expanded with Huawei notebook, tablet, monitor and network devices as well Poco phones.


Turnover exceeds HUF 30 billion, formulation of EVGA and Xiaomi Ecosystem products started at distributor level.


Continued to expand our portfolio of smart home, home security and outdoor leisure related products.


New company website and brand image for the tenth anniversary of the founding. The turnover approaches HUF 24 billions. Due to the increased number of staff and extensive trading activities, new warehouse and office building wings were inaugurated.


Conclusion of international contracts, regional delivery to 4 countries, significant traffic expansion. We have also exceeded the 1 million mark - more than a million products left our warehouse this year. It was success too that the company was included in the Hungarian top 500 in terms of turnover.


The turnover is beyond HUF 20 billions, new business partners and new products.


Zalman and Transcend distributions, the number of employees exceeds 60.


Expert becomes the market leader in the notebook segment of the consumer market. The total number of sold Asus, Lenovo and Acer notebooks mount up to 82,000.


In 2013, we win the digital transition tender in partnership with Digital Radio Kft. With Alcor DVB-T receiver, more than 400,000 families have access to free TV broadcasting. The project is a huge success and, at the same time, a real challenge for the Expert team. Professionalism, promptness, motivation and determination were required to reach beyond HUF 15 billion in company turnover.


Relying on the know-how and extensive experience, we establish our brand, Alcor, to provide more efficient solutions to our partners. Three years later, Alcor brand is the market leader in the e-books and external portable batteries market segment.


Making the foundation for the long-term financing and contracting with new major business partners. Start of the Microsoft OEM distribution. The number of staff reaches 50, while the turnover exceeds HUF 12,5 billions.


In 2010, the volume of turnover to both the foreign and Hungarian market reaches HUF 10 billions. Launch of the Lenovo and Packard Bell distribution.


In 2009, agreements concluded with major manufacturers and business partners to make a foundation for the future growth. Products of Asus, Acer, Logitech, Western Digital, Cooler Master, Sapphire are included in the product line.


Foundation of the company. Thanks to the experience and the familiarity of the market of the owners, the company enters the market relatively quickly in a new company form supported by a creative and motivated team. At this time, the owners have an extensive experience of 20 years in the market.




The core activities of Expert Kereskedelmi és Informatikai Zrt. (Expert Co. Ltd) include the distribution and whole sale of computers, computer parts, notebooks and other office and consumer electronic products.

As a unique company in the market, the owners of Expert have built up the company using own funds and resources, and they still actively participate in the daily operation.

Thanks to the thousands of loyal business partners, we have been determined to transform the dynamically expanding company into one of the most important actors of the computer distribution market for a decade now. Our main goal is to facilitate our partners’ efforts in enhancing competitiveness and efficacy with high quality services.



Based on our principles, we have been strived for maintaining a long-term relationship with the manufacturers we represent; so far the outstanding performance was coupled with success. Regarding sales volumes, we are either at the first place or in the top three in all manufacturers we represent both in Hungary and the region. This is due to the fact that we carefully plan both entering the market and making business partnerships. Relying on the relation with the manufacturer and focusing on the product, we are able to reach outstanding sales volumes even in the short term.


Our goal is to offer a product line, which includes IT, telecommunication, consumer electronic products, smart home and security technology, and proficiency, with the promptness and efficacy that characterizes Expert. Thanks to the extended business partnership and relying on the regional supplying partners, we are able to supply any product, therefore efficiently contributing to the fast and effective supplies of our customers.


Alcor products manufactured by Expert. Alcor entered the Hungarian market in 2012. Our product line has a firm background, outstanding product support, proper language localization, different kinds of services and a reliable maintenance. With hard work and faith vested in products and new technologies, we believe that Alcor is able to gain the customers’ trust and appreciation. By elaborating products, to contribute to the quality of life of peoples and sustainable global development it supports the operation of the company and meeting the market demands, we not only realize products but also results and success together with our staff. Alcor tablets, e-books, dbv receivers, external batteries and other parts rank high in the consumer market. They are available at all Hungarian large retailers, along with the international brands.


The constantly expanding Maintenance Center carries out chiefly the maintenance of Alcor products and PC’s within and beyond warranty period.


We sold thousands of self-assembled Expert PCs in 2018. Regardless you need a gamer PC, office or school PC, Expert PC is the reliable and cost-effective solution. Despite the current trends, we believe in the PC market, therefore our product line includes pre-assembled and assembled on demand PCs.






Thanks to the rapid growth of the past decade and the continuous development, we play an important role in attracting the skilled labor

When considering the staff of nearly 90, the sales volume and the product line, it is clear that Expert Zrt. has become one of the biggest computer distribution companies in Hungary. The company’s annual sales revenue has been constantly growing.

We encourage our staff to unleash their potentials and reach out to the maximum by the aid of adequate development tools. There are career possibilities both vertically and horizontally.

Thanks to the consequent organizational development, successful internal career advancement is rather frequent at all levels of the company. This is due to the trainings, alternative development possibilities and the constant tracking that considers the career plans of employees.

We consider corporate social responsibility and the frank and open internal and external communication as important issues. We make sure that our employees have possibilities for personal development, and we shape the company future by including them in our common goals. Moreover, we support families by observing the healthy balance of working and family. Our financial background is independent; the profit is the basis of constant expansion, innovations and trainings. We love to make an impression on our environment and partners and always have ambitious plans.




We meet or exceed our partners’ expectations with our high quality products, market-oriented value for money and outstanding logistics.


The quality of processes, products and services is the inevitable precondition of a business based on trust and professionalism.


We consider challenges as the possibility for generating long-term and profitable growth. As a big company, we adjust to the expectations of the future and are open towards new business possibilities. By a goal and profit-oriented way, we focus on the performance.


The constant innovation of our products and processes enable our long-term competitiveness. These two areas require creativity from all departments of the company. By monitoring and analyzing market and social developments, we always come up with new ideas. We focus on recognizing customers’ needs in due time, therefore making them added value and providing them with innovative services. During further development of sustainable products, we profit from the skills of all our employees.


Our skilled, determined and performance-oriented employees contribute our business success.

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